Please see the link below to download the Hovr Bracket System Installation Guide


Beautiful drink bar by Bellows Design

An amazing design & build of a vanity by Galloway Bros. Construction

Full kitchen design by Bjornson Design

Two great projects completed by Bryan H.

Awesome kitchen shelving installed by customer Robert B.

Awesome addition to the kitchen design by Sean B.

More great kitchen shelving by Justin N.

Another great shelf by Galloway Bros. Construction

A great total design by Jerald F.

A custom shelf & mirror piece designed & made by Water Milk Wine

Great shelf made by Steve R.

A useful shelf made by Tim H. 

Beautiful display by Tegan H.

Plexiglass shelf made possible with the Hovr Bracket System

Beautiful kitchen shelves by customer Glen C.

Modified steel bracket with poured concrete by Lorne W.

Kitchen shelves with lights by 6 Foot Four Productions

Solid concrete 4 1/2 inches thick, 48 inches long and 6 inches deep

Wooden caucus laminated in 5.2 mil Alder plywood


The Hovr Bracket System Overview

5 x 50lbs Water Jugs

Standing on a Floating Shelf

Product Demo