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[shortdesc]Please note, we have introduced new Introductory Packs.

Please view the Premium Introductory Pack With Shelf for a demo shelf pre-installed with the Hovr Bracket System & 2 x 20-inch brackets to use on a project yourself! 

Please view the Standard Introductory Pack With Shelf for a demo shelf pre-installed with the Hovr Bracket System & necessary installation hardware.

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The strongest floating shelf you will ever make is with the Hovr Bracket System. Try out the new industry standard for floating shelf hardware.

> Sugar Pine Floating Shelf (approx 18" x 6"x 3”)
> Pre-installed Hovr Bracket System into the demo shelf
> A quick 5-10 minute installation onto the wall and that is it. See how quick and easy the Hovr Bracket System can be!



> Lightweight + clean (T6001 Aluminum)

> 10 minute installation

> Any wall is good, just maximum load will change

> Best value on the market

> Put a level line on wall (laser) install male. Click in shelf, tighten set screw, & that's it


> Height: 1.506 inches

> Depth: 0.904 inches

> Length: Standard length is 96 inches

> Mounting: Male bracket to the wall

> Color/Finish: Mat aluminum finish - non-coated

> Gauge/Material: T6001 Aluminum

> Weight Capacity: 300lbs average